Fill your home with the magic and elegance of a custom stained glass work of art.


Uncover the hidden beauty of agates, artfully combined with stained glass to create unique, luminous lamps. Explore our exclusive collection today!


Residential stained glass windowTransform your home into a breathtaking showcase of light and color with Jancik Glass’s exquisite stained glass creations. From the subtle beauty of a small window accent to the grandeur of a beveled glass entryway or a magnificent stained glass ceiling dome, our bespoke offerings cater to every aesthetic. Jancik Glass excels in harmonizing homeowner desires with architectural vision and contractor execution, ensuring your unique style is perfectly reflected in every piece.

Embark on the journey to enhance your living space—visit our Stained Glass page today to start your custom project and explore our portfolio of stunning designs. Experience how Jancik Glass can turn your vision into a dazzling reality, making every angle of your home a masterpiece of light and art.


jancik arts international ruby princessSpecializing in commercial stained glass, Jancik Arts International, Inc. delivers bespoke masterpieces that symbolize the prestige and professionalism of our clients. Contracted by leading corporations and esteemed organizations, we are dedicated to creating stained glass works that are as unique and impressive as the businesses we serve. Our projects, managed from our corporate headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, range from expansive installations to intricate designs, all crafted with precision in our Ocala studio.

Jancik Arts International is not just a name but a mark of quality and creativity recognized worldwide, with a client roster that includes prestigious names like Princess Cruise Line, Cunard Cruise Line, The Church of Latter-Day Saints, and Walt Disney World Resorts. We specialize not only in architectural stained glass but also in metal sculpture, making us a comprehensive choice for transforming corporate spaces into a visual celebration of light and artistry. Partner with us to elevate your environment with a stunning visual statement that reflects your organization’s stature and vision.


Delve into the intricate artistry behind our stunning stained glass agate lamps in our new video. This close-up exploration showcases the meticulous creation process of these unique lighting sculptures.

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Discover the captivating uniqueness of each lamp in our gallery, showcasing a versatile range from elegant floor models to charming tabletop designs. While the exact lamps featured here may have found their new homes, our store offers a vast selection of exquisite agate lamps, each with its own mesmerizing patterns and colors. Can’t find the perfect match? Let us craft a bespoke lamp tailored to your specific design preferences and color scheme. Explore our collection and illuminate your space with a piece of natural art.

mini agate lamp
Agate Mantle Lamp
Tall teal agate floor lamp
large natural agate lamp
Gray agate lamp 2021c
Natural agate lamp 1613