Agate lamp for sale

Experience the unique allure of our handcrafted stained glass agate lamps, where my passion for glass artistry meets the natural beauty of Brazilian agates. Each lamp is meticulously designed to highlight the earthy tones of the agates, celebrated for their metaphysical properties. When illuminated, these lamps cast a soothing, majestic glow that enhances any room—perfect as a stunning accent or a gentle night light.

Our one-of-a-kind agate lamps are not just lighting fixtures but conversation pieces, making them the ideal gift for the discerning individual who appreciates the extraordinary. The stained glass shade easily lifts from its elegant wooden base for bulb changes.

Each lamp is proudly crafted in Ocala, FL, and comes with a signed certificate of authenticity. While the online store is getting a facelift, we invite you to explore our current selection by calling the studio at 352-237-1593. Ships exclusively within the US.

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Discover the captivating uniqueness of each lamp in our gallery, showcasing a versatile range from elegant floor models to charming tabletop designs. While the exact lamps featured here may have found their new homes, our store offers a vast selection of exquisite agate lamps, each with its own mesmerizing patterns and colors. Can’t find the perfect match? Let us craft a bespoke lamp tailored to your specific design preferences and color scheme. Explore our collection and illuminate your space with a piece of natural art.

mini agate lamp
Agate Mantle Lamp
Tall teal agate floor lamp
large natural agate lamp
Gray agate lamp 2021c
Natural agate lamp 1613