stained glass page

I began fabricating stained glass in our Ocala, Florida, studio in 1978. Styles come and go and techniques are argued and altered, but one constant after all these years is the absolute magic when that first slice of light comes through a stained glass work of art and brings the piece to life. As the craftsman of that work of art, there is no greater thrill or feeling of satisfaction than to see hours of preparation and fabrication come together in one perfect moment of magic.

I chase that magic on every project, and after I relinquish the care of each piece to its new owner, they tell me they wait for that moment too. “Afternoon is my favorite time of day,” one said. “The light hits it just so. It positively glows.” One fellow has a beveled glass window that he swears comes to life under a full moon. “I just sit in front of it and stare at it sometimes,” he said. “It’s mesmerizing!”

Our homes give us shelter. They house our things and reflect our tastes and personalities. We put in hours of care and maintenance to make them lovely, but how often do we really look at our homes and feel the beauty of the environment we’ve created? As an artist, I may be biased, but art is emotion. Louis Comfort Tiffany said, “Color is to the eye what music is to the ear.”

Stained glass is more than just a pretty window. Consider it your invitation to emotion. Chase the magic. Call the studio at 352-237-1593 to set up an appointment to discuss your custom stained glass project.